Walking Your Dog On The Beach

walking your dog on the beach


Walking Your Dog On The Beach

Walking your dog on the beach can be one of the most rewarding experiences of owning a dog. The open space and your dogs love for the water go hand in hand. An extra benefit for your pooch is that the beach has lots of sand which is great for digging and most likely lots of other dogs to play with.

Ever since we first got a dog the beach has been one of the best places to take them. We obviously have the benefit of living close to the coast but even if your further away taking a weekend break to the nearest beach can be a great experience for both you and your dog. Here is our guide to walking your dog on the beach wherever you are in the world.

Can You Walk A Dog On The Beach

Providing that any laws or regulations allow you to walk a dog on the beach then the answer is yes you can walk a dog on the beach. Of course there will be some beaches where you cant walk your  dog, such as private ones or one’s that have rules for dog walking at specific times. Many beaches have a ban on dogs in the summer time, due to the amount of tourists that descend on them during these months. Tourists are important for the local economies and the last thing beach owners want is tourists being put off by an army of wet, sandy and excitable dogs. Before heading down to the beach its best to check on the internet for any restrictions that apply to the beach your heading to, this way you wont be disappointed when you arrive.

What Are The Benefits Of Walking Your Dog On The Beach

  • The amount of open space that is available at the beach cannot usually be matched by any other walking destination. Beaches always seem to have lots of space for your pooch to run around in and that is why they are so popular for dog walkers.
  • The water is another favourite element of the beach for dogs. The majority of dogs love water especially dogs like golden retrievers or spaniels. On a calm day they will love running in amongst the waves chasing Frisbee’s or fetching balls. Try having a look at our post on “The Best water Toys For Dogs” for some ideas of toys to take to the beach.
  • The amount of dogs that go walking on dog friendly beaches means your pooch will have plenty of furry friends to play with. This gives you a little break especially if you are spending a long time at the beach. Any time we take our pooch to the beach all his energy goes into running about with other dogs, its great fun to watch.
  • The beach is a brilliant place to burn off your dogs energy. If you have a particularly energetic dog then the beach is perfect for giving them a good workout. Even if your pooch isn’t up for running about in the sea all the other dogs should keep them entertained. I strongly recommend taking your dog to the beach if they have a tendency to be destructive in the house or they are highly energetic. Even once a week can help to alleviate some of the issues they have at home, as it may just be because they require lots more exercise.
  • The beach is one of the most natural environments you can go and visit. Most beaches are purely natural with no fumes and limited noise. The beach is good for not only your dog but also yourself. In the highly stressful world we now live in, people often forget, or don’t even realise how getting outdoors improves our stress levels. Exercise and fresh air are two of most amazing medicines and when combined they can do wonders to how we are feeling, just give it a try.
  • Another great benefit of the beach is that it’s open 24 hours a day. The majority of beaches don’t have any restrictions on opening times, usually car parks might close to prevent overnight camping but the beach would still be accessible if you wanted to go. Early mornings and late evenings can be the best times to visit as there are less people and the temperature is lower if you intend on walking your dog in the summer. Here’s our “guide to walking your dog in the summer”.

Being Safe When Walking Your Dog On The Beach

Besides all the positives of walking your dog on the beach, there some dangers too. Safety on the beach is paramount for both yourself and your dog. The sea can be unforgiving so make sure it is not too rough for your dog the play around in and check for beach conditions at the lifeguard station or online.

It can sometimes seem as if the water isn’t too bad but there are strong currents that are sometimes not noticeable and no matter how strong a swimmer your dog is the sea is stronger. Waves can also be another danger to watch out for. Dog walkers often forget how quickly a wave can drag your dog out to sea, be aware of this particularly on steep beaches and on the windy days.

If you plan on staying at the beach for long periods of the day be sure to protect your dog from the sun by applying a pet approved sunscreen. Its important that you DO NOT use human sunscreen as its is dangerous for dogs if they ingest it. If its a hot day make sure you bring plenty of water not only for you but for your dog. Its not good for dogs to drink sea water as it can make them sick and wont quench their thirst. If your dog is in and out of the water be sure to re apply your pet approved sunscreen as dogs can burn too, especially if they are short or light haired.

Another danger at the beach which dog owners don’t usually think of is your dog eating something they shouldn’t. Unfortunately the sea tends to be the worlds dumping ground and lots of companies and countries don’t realise what we are doing to our oceans by littering in them. The pure ignorance is destroying the oceans ecosystem and at the same time making something we all love to use, unusable. Because of this, beaches can have all sorts wash up on them and if you have a dog that loves to scavenge then they may want to eat what they find. Be sure to keep an eye on them at all times as some of things that wash up are not so friendly and there is a reason why companies dump them into the sea. To learn more about how you can help save our oceans take a look at this article by National Geographic – “10 things you can do to save the oceans” 

Should I Wash My Dog After Swimming In The Sea

One thing you will always find a dog doing when they get to the beach is heading straight for the water. Most dogs love the sea but even if they don’t it is still likely they will get sea water on them. Salt water has both positives and negatives when it comes to your dogs skin. Research suggests that salt water has the same benefits for dogs as it does for humans. However despite these benefits dogs will still suffer from dry skin or damage to their fur if exposed to sea water for very long periods of time. To prevent this from happening it is best to rinse them thoroughly with fresh water when getting home from the beach. Fresh water should suffice when getting sea water off your dog but to go one step further you can give them a shampoo with some pet friendly grooming products, preferably a shampoo that encourages a good shine to their coat.


Taking your dog to the beach is a great experience for all the family to enjoy. Your dog will love every moment of it and hopefully this post has given you some helpful advice about walking your dog on the beach. Remember to stay safe and most importantly have some fun. If you enjoyed this post check out some of our other content on our website, all about dog walking and getting out and about with your dog.





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