Best Water Toys For Dogs

Best dog toys for dogs


Best Water Toys For Dogs

As a dog owner its difficult not to shower your pooch in toys that they soon destroy and forget about, but its still something we have to do. When taking your dog out for a walk many of you may end up with a wet dog either from going in the river or into the sea.

Dogs love to play in the water and its more than appropriate for them to be playing with their toys also. However, not all toys are up to the standard of water activities and soon become lost or damaged. To help you decide on what toys you should let your dog play with when in the water we have compiled a list of some of the best water toys for dogs.

Kong AirDog Fetch Stick With Rope

This toy is perfect for retrieve training, if your using it in the water it sits fairly high and is a great colour for your dog to notice. It is made of tennis ball material which your dog is most likely to recognise and is oddly shaped so bounces erratically, much to your dogs delight. Many dog water toys are not so durable and KONG has reputation of being super strong. Despite this toy probably being one of the tougher water toys on the market it would probably still not stand up to a dog that like to devour something.

This toy is great for throwing and has wonderful ergonomics built in for throwing and retrieving. There is an attached rope to help with the launch, the rope is also handy for your pooch to grab when in the water. The AirDog Fetch Stick is not too badly priced and wont burn a hole in your pocket.

Chuckit Amphibious Duck Diver

If your looking for something you can but in a ball launcher then look no further than the Chuckit Amphibious Duck Diver. This toy is designed for the water and sits upright when floating, the toy is easy to see and has a good material to bite hold of. Chuckit are a well known brand that you can trust and have designed many toys with water activity in mind. This is probably one of my favourite water toys for dogs as it is really easy to use and floats perfectly on the surface. The price of this toy is fairly reasonable for the amount of fun you will get out of it. Again it is probably one of the more durable toys but may not stand up to a more enthusiastic chewer.

Rosewood Petstages Durable Stick

When ever i go out for a walk my retriever seems to always find an opportunity to chew on a stick, sometimes even standing next to one convincing me to throw it. Sticks aren’t always the best thing for dogs to chew on despite the classic relationship surrounding dogs and sticks. If your dog loves sticks they will love this Dogwood Stick made from partly real wood and a synthetic material making it more durable than a regular stick. This toy is great for an everyday toy but the great thing is its ability to float on the water, making it more real for your dog.


Chuckit Amphibious Bumper

Despite mixed reviews this toy is great for using in the water as it floats and is highly visible. Its not as tough as many of the toys on the market but is lightweight and easy to use. If your dog is more soft mouthed then this is ideal for using in the water as it has a small rope which you can use to throw the bumper and it wont be too much trouble for even small dogs to grab hold of. The toy comes in a small and medium size so depending on your pooch this toy will be perfect for those hot summer days down by the river.

Kong Aqua

If you love the original KONG rubber toy then you will love this water equivalent. It is designed the same as the original but is made of foam which allows it to float on the water. There is a long rope that you can use to fling the toy and watch as it bobs on the surface, perfect for your dog to notice. If your dog has had the original toy they may love playing with something that reminds them of their favourite toy.

There you have it if your looking for some great doggy toys that are suitable for water then there are a few on here that could keep your pooch entertained. Its important to always think about safety when playing in the water and to make sure your dog is able to cope with the toy your giving them. Don’t try and give your small dog a large toy too big for them to grab and likewise don’t try and give your large dog something small they can choke on. If your looking to get your new puppy into swimming take a look at our post on “what age to teach a puppy to swim”.

We will try to keep this post updated so the latest toys are always available and add to it when we think other toys are suitable. If you enjoyed this article check out some of our other posts on walking your dog and getting out and about with them. This post contains affiliate links which means we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you purchase anything through those links. Anything we receive is greatly appreciated and allows us to continue producing helpful content.



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