Why Does My Dog Sleep In Another Room

why does my dog sleep in another room

Dogs are meant to be companions to our sometimes stressful lives. I ball of fluff we can cuddle up to, soothing the hardships of the day. You may expect your dog to sleep in your room guarding the door or keeping a watchful eye on you, but then they disappear and you ask yourself, why does my dog sleep in another room?

Comfort is most likely the main reason that your dog wants to sleep in another room and this is down to things like temperature, seasons and bedding. If your dog is sleeping in a more open space or where your children sleep then they are being protective. 


Where Should Your Dog Sleep At Night

Different dog owners have different levels of boundary. Most owners start off with a set of rules, giving their dogs certain areas of the house the can and cannot enter. Over time this slowly relents and you may find yourself giving in to the puppy dog eyes.

Whatever boundaries you start off with is entirely up to you. Dogs tend to fit into wherever they have to, meaning that if you keep your dog in the kitchen at night, then they are unlikely to resent you for it the next morning. Dogs are of course going to want to be with you and this is a natural instinct coming from the pack mentality. However dogs live in the moment and this is why they probably wont have a problem when you start playing with them the next day.

Below are some things you should be thinking about when choosing an area of the house that your dog sleeps in.

  • Accessibility – This is important if your dog is getting older or is a breed that struggles with stairs. Although the debate on whether dogs should climb stairs goes on, you should consider whether your dog is a breed that is prone to joint issues later in life.
  • Environment – Of course we trust our dogs, left alone they are good as gold….not. Dogs are opportunists and sometimes have the ability to ignore all etiquette taught to them. Puppies can be especially mischievous because they are still learning the boundaries that guide them through life. Its important to also prepare the room for their stay, leaving things like food on the side is just asking for trouble.
  • Comfort is also an important factor. This is because your dog will tend to sleep wherever they think is the most comfortable and if there is no comfortable option available the floor is where they will stay. Try setting up a nice bed or some blankets for them to sleep on, remembering that access to water is important wherever they choose to sleep.

Why Your Dog Chooses To Sleep In Another Room

There can be a few reasons as to why your dog chooses to sleep in another room and some of these may be relevant to your own situation. Dogs will choose there position and sometimes move around rooms depending on how they are feeling.


When you think of your own dog you may not think about security straight away. After all dogs such as German Shepherds usually hold the rank of guard dog in many peoples mind. Even if your dog is small, slow, cuddly, fluffy or just over friendly, they will all want to protect their home. Its a dogs natural instinct to be protective, always assessing how they can keep their pack safe.

Your dog may choose to sleep in a certain room because that is the best position to guard the house from. Front facing rooms can be a popular choice amongst protective dogs, owing to the fact that the front of the house is where you see the most strangers. It is an unknown place and needs to have a secure eye on it.


Comfort is one of the biggest attractions for a dog and choosing which room to sleep in will often depend on comfort. The best way to attract a dog into the room you want them to sleep in, is by making it comfortable. Place there bed on the floor to encourage them to sleep in your room, of your dog often sleeps in their bed elsewhere in the house they will associate this space as a place to sleep. Also try adding in some home comforts, such as toys or water as this means your dog wont be thinking about exiting the room for any of these things.

In the summer months you may find your dog prefers sleeping on cold tiles in your kitchen, than a warm room upstairs. During the winter months you will probably find them in your room as this is usually the warmest part of the house. Don’t just assume your dog dislikes you as this is often not the case, its more about comfort than anything else.


You may not realise this but in some cases dogs don’t like clutter and they especially love laying down fully stretched out. We all have busy lives and clutter is something we all deal with. When you go to someone else’s immaculately kept house it doesn’t stay like that the whole year round, that’s just for your benefit.

If your dog doesn’t have enough comfortable space to lie down in, then its obvious they wont choose to be in that room. Make sure there is enough space for your dog and that it is comfortable for them.


Its possible that your dog is feeling a bit restless, this may well be down to the comfort of the room, or the fact that they have some excess energy to burn off.

Giving your dog a good walk can help them sleep better and feel more relaxed inside the home. An anxious dog can end up walking about and swapping positions all night long, whether they are trying to get a good place to rest their head or they are thinking more about security.  Check out our article on managing your dogs energy levels – “Does Walking Your Dog make them Tired”.

Why Does My Dog Sleep in My Childs Room

Children have an important place in a dogs life and a vulnerability that your dog senses. Although there can be a few reasons why your dog is sleeping in a different room to you, if they have chosen to sleep in the room your child is in then this is most likely to be a protective instinct. 

Your family is a pack and packs always stick together, this is undoubtedly true when it comes to dogs. They are after all know as one of the most loyal animals. Your dog expects you to look after them and as part of the pack they will look after you, this is what your dog is doing when they choose to be close to your child.

What Does It Mean if your Dog Wants To Be Alone

This is not often something to worry about, dogs can be quite solitary animals as well as wanting company. It is true that when a dog feels weak or unwell they will seek out solitary areas, this may be to protect the pack from attack, as you are only as strong as your weakest link.

It may also not be the case that your dog is seeking to be alone. It may just be that they are not that bothered about having company and so don’t mind being alone if it means a comfortable place to sleep. Other things to think about are irritations. Your dog may be irritated by constant affection or what we would consider affection but your dog considers annoying. Waking your dog up constantly to give them a cuddle doesn’t make them want to be around you if all they want to do at that moment in time is sleep.

Other distractions such as children, animals or noise such as cleaning can cause your dog to want to be alone more often. Just because its night time doesn’t mean you wont start cleaning or your children wont be awake. Your dog considers all these options before choosing a place to sleep.


Don’t be too concerned that your dog is sleeping in another room as it may be coincidence or that they have found a more comfortable space. Try making your room comfortable for your dog, encouraging them to stay in there with you. Place there bed down on the floor or even a water bow so they don’t have to exit the room to have a drink, all these things should be considered before fearing your dog just doesn’t like you anymore.


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