What Is A Dogs Favorite Color

what is a dog favorite color

Dogs enjoy seeing the world through smell but their eyes are just as important. A common question humans ask each out is about color and what is our favorite but have you have stopped to think what a dog’s favorite color is.

Dogs are most sensitive to the colors blue and yellow, they will most likely distinguish these colors as their favorite. The level of color a dog is able to see is determined by the number of cones they have, which is 2, compared to humans who have 3 allowing them to experience a wider spectrum of color.

The way in which dogs and humans experience color can be very different and more recent research has unlocked information regarding how dogs see both in the light and in the dark. This article explores some of this research and discusses what a dog’s favorite color could be.


How Do You Know What A Dogs Favorite Color Is

A dog’s preference for blues and yellows is only determined by the fact that this is what they see the most clearly. In fact, dogs do see plenty of colors, the only difference is, reds, pinks, purples, etc will all have a different shade to what a human eye can detect.

Most owners will assume their dog likes a certain color as they gravitate towards a particular toy or item. Although this is a good way to determine what your dog’s favorite color is it may only be choosing this toy or item as it already has an attraction to it. Owners should also consider how powerful a dog’s sense of smell is, this can determine how much dogs gravitate towards items. You may think your dog prefers the color of a particular flower, but actually, they are attracted to the smells of that flower or even the tiny insects that live amongst it.

To properly determine what color your dog loves best you should pick items that your dog does not know about. Showing them the two toys at the same time will give them a choice to make and force them to choose. Again it is difficult to tell if your dog is choosing this toy randomly or for any other reason than its color. Further to this experimentation try continuing the practice with other items and attempt to pinpoint moments when your dog might be choosing between colors. If you begin to see a pattern emerging then you can with some certainty say what your dog’s favorite color is. It is however likely that you won’t be able to find out their favorite color as there are so many variables to consider.

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What Color Is Best For Dog Toys

You may have noticed a similarity in the color of dog toys or particular patterns that manufacturers use. The reason for this is that the colors and patterns you see in the shops are being aimed at humans and not dogs. Manufacturers know that dogs don’t do their own shopping and it is something that owners do for them, so why aim visual cues at dogs.

It is likely that your dog will not be bothered about the color of a new toy, however, there are ways in which you can use color to choose what toy your dog will like. Dogs tend to remember those events they enjoyed the most, this also includes items that they have played with and areas they walk. The best color for a dog toy is simply one which has an affiliation with something your dog loves. For example, if you have an old dog toy that your pooch loves, try choosing a color that is the same as that favorite toy, this way your dog will have positive thoughts when they see it.

What Color Is Best For A Dog Ball

As discussed previously the best color for a dog toy is one with which your pooch has an affiliation. There are some toys however that you will need to think differently about. In this instance we discuss balls you throw for your dog, any type, and what color they should be.

When it comes to dog balls you will need to think about the area in which you are going to throw them. If you are going to throw them into the water like the river or ocean then a color that contrasts well with the darkness of the water. This may be a bright yellow or fluorescent color. When it comes to throwing balls onto grass you will need to think about colors that contrast well with the green of the grass, perhaps a bright blue, as this will both benefit their color vision and go well with the color of grass.

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Do Dogs Prefer Dark Or Light

I often hear owners asking the question of whether to leave the lights on when their dogs go to sleep, essentially do dogs prefer light or dark. This is of particular interest when discussing a dog’s favorite color. It could be said that if dogs see colors like red and orange as darker shades of gray, seeing them in the dark will be difficult. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, in fact, dogs have great vision when it comes to the darkness.

As discussed earlier dogs have fewer cones than humans which gives them a disadvantage when seeing color. However, a part of the eye called rods allows both us and dogs to see in the dark and on our periphery. Dogs have more light-sensitive rods than humans which allows them to see better in the darkness.

So, going back to seeing color in the dark, reds and oranges that are more difficult for dogs to see may show up in a similar way as when in the light. This is because more light is absorbed into the eye allowing dogs to see more clarity in the dark.

If you are interested in learning more about how dogs handle the dark, check out our article “Are Dogs Afraid Of The Dark”

Do All Dogs Breeds See Color The Same Way

Generally speaking, all dog breeds see color the same way. However, some dogs breeds will have their eyes positioned differently on their heads. This is where vision tends to be better or worse for some dog breeds. According to Dog Time, the difference in snout size and position of the eyes has an effect on how well dogs see color. If the eyes are closer together the dog is said to have a better depth perception, which would allow them to distinguish color more easily without moving towards or away from the object.


It’s true dogs are not great at seeing colors, but they can still recognize differences in the shade or tone of a color. Hopefully, you can find out your dog’s favorite color using some of the tricks in this article. If you enjoyed this post check out our other articles on the homepage.

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