Should I Walk My Dogs Separately

walking dogs together

Having multiple dogs comes with a bit more randomness than just the one dog. Your dogs may have different characters and live life in different ways, but should you walk your dogs separately.

You don’t need to walk your dogs separately unless there are behavioural issues that you find hard to control when your dogs are together. Dogs will often be different inside the house and outside, the most important thing to remember is to adjust your walk for the slowest paced dog. 


Reasons To Walk Your Dogs Separately

If your thinking about whether you should walk your dogs separately here are some reasons why walking your dog by themselves can be a good thing to do.

  • Although dogs are social animals, they will sometimes need their own space. If your dogs character sometimes shows a more isolated side then you should consider taking them for a walk on their own. Your dog will enjoy being able to concentrate on the more important things like sniffing and exploring, instead of being hounded (excuse the pun) by other dogs. Your dog may also not be able to keep up, this could be down to the breed for example a Pug is not going to keep up with a Whippet, although this does not mean they will never enjoy each others company. Our article on “Do Dogs Prefer Their Own Breed” might be of interest if you want to learn more about this relationship.
  • In a household full of dogs it can sometimes be difficult for the quieter pooches to grasp your attention. You may not even notice that your dog is trying to get your attention, as they turn away and give up. Taking them out for a walk just you and them can give your a great opportunity to rekindle the bond, which goes un-noticed so much back at home.
  • Although there are ways to walk multiple dogs on a lead, you may find it more hassle than its worth. This is why many owners decide to take there dogs out separately, even two at a time makes it easier to walk. Of course there is always the option of taking them to a wooded area or park and letting them loose. Although this still comes with the responsibility of keeping an eye on multiple dogs at one time.
  • Behavioural issues can often play a part in how you walk your dogs. Most owners will adapt their walk to the character of their dog, for example avoiding crowded areas or places with lots of sticks. If your dog tends to act out and ignore your commands whilst on a walk, you could consider walking them separately. This can give you the time and space to work on that particular dogs behavioural issues, introducing them slowly to their original walks with your other dogs. Being able to concentrate on one dog can give you piece of mind, especially if your dog is likely to misbehave during a walk. maybe you even have a couple of dogs in your pack that tend to misbehave, walking them separately can help you notice and control those that misbehave.
  • Although I tend to advise walking your dogs with the slowest paced member in mind, this can sometimes become irritating to your more able bodied pooches, which can in some cases cause them to misbehave. If you have a less able dog then walking them separately can be more relaxed for them, not having to push themselves over the edge to try and keep up.

walking a dog on their own

Reasons Not To Walk Your Dog Separately

  • We all have busy lives and having multiple dogs can bring a greater burden to an already hectic schedule. Although if your schedule is over flowing currently then you should consider outsourcing some of these tasks, cutting down on certain things. This of course is not always possible and so walking your dogs all at the same time can be the only option. This will certainly save you time and if you plan it correctly you wont be under so much stress whilst out walking. Try walking during those hours that do not have as many people present, late evening or early morning are often ideal. Choosing some quieter locations where your dogs can run free off the leash will help considerably. Here are some tips on “How To Walk Multiple Dogs”.
  • Energy is something that dog owners will be managing throughout their pooches life and having more than one dog will increase the need to manage energy levels even more. I have always been a supporter of walking a dog off leash whenever possible, the advantages that it brings to your dogs mental and physical health are profound and certainly something to consider doing, have a look at our article on “Walking your dog Off Lead”. Walking multiple dogs off leash can give them all the opportunity to play freely together in a large open space. This is not only great for your dog but will almost certainly reduce their energy levels giving you a quieter time at home.
  • Weather can be a huge factor for many owners when deciding to take their dogs for a walk. Winter comes with many hardships, including shorter days and more volatile weather such as wind, rain, ice and snow, check out our article on “Walking Your Dog In The Winter”. Walking your dog separately can be difficult in these times as you stretch out the day and limit the time you have to walk them. You may end up going out in the early evening to walk one dog and then returning to walk the second, by which the darkness has set in or roads and paths have become icy. The advantage of taking all your dogs out at the same time is that you can wait for the best opportunity, looking at the time and weather during the day.
  • Generally owners will feed all their dogs at once meaning that walking them all together can sometimes be easier to manage. As discussed previously time constraints can be difficult to deal with, especially during the winter when the days are so much shorter. As an owner you would have to plan around each dogs mealtime and make sure you are not taking them out on a full stomach, which can be harmful.

walking dogs together

Key Points

  1. Assessing whether one of your dogs would enjoy some alone time and walk them separately where they have your full attention.
  2. Walking your dog separately is only going to work if you have the time available, otherwise it may be best to consider walking them together.
  3. If you have no choice but to walk your dogs in a group, then choose quieter times to walk them and more secluded areas.
  4. Walking dogs all at one time can be beneficial for their mental and physical health, this is especially true for off leash walks.
  5. If you decide to walk your dogs in a group, remember that as the owner you set the pace and will choose it depending on the slowest member.
  6. Less able dogs can be walked separately when the time is convenient as it is not vital you walk them everyday, in fact they may enjoy having a rest.
  7. Walking troublesome dogs separately can give you a chance to work on their behaviour, with you eventually introducing then back into the pack walks.


Its great to have multiple dogs both as companions for you and also for your them. Walking multiple dogs can be difficult, so choosing the environment you walk them in, when to walk them and if to walk them separately will all contribute to you having a less stressful walk. Hopefully you found this article helpful and if your interested in more content on getting out and about with your furry friend, check out our homepage for more great articles.


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