5 Best Dog Boots For Hiking With Your Dog

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5 Best Dog Boots For Hiking With Your Dog

If you have looked closely at your dogs paws you may have noticed that they have a tough exterior which is naturally designed to work on hard terrain. Your dogs paws may well be tough enough to walk around on rocky, sandy or dusty surfaces but that doesn’t mean they can endure hours of exposure. That’s where dog boots for hiking come in.

Hiking is a fun activity to do with your dog, getting outdoors and enjoying nature as it was intended. When hiking long distances you will make sure to be prepared, that includes wearing the appropriate walking boots. The same goes for your dog and finding a careful balance between a dog boot that is tough and one that is comfortable should be done equally. In this post we will out line some of the best do boots for hiking but also give you an insight into what we think are the best ones for certain conditions.

Do dogs need hiking boots

There will always be debate as to whether your dog needs hiking boots and this is mainly down to different owners walking in different conditions. If you consider a long walk or hike to be a few miles then you may be inclined to think your dog doesn’t need walking boots. But if you walk longer distances then your dogs paws may become sore and be painful to walk on, so it depends on the intensity of the activity. It will also depend on where you plan to hike, as many locations are different in terrain and harder surfaces will require dog boots.

Another condition that will dictate whether your dog needs hiking boots or not is the weather. The weather is something that alters all our lives and ultimately it will decide whether dog hiking boots are a good idea or not. Dogs can suffer from frostbite and have large ice balls tangle up between their paws. This can be extremely painful, so dog boots would be ideal in this situation. Other dangers to watch out for in the snow are, concealed trash, salt and deicing chemicals, all of which dog walking boots can protect you from. Here is our comprehensive guide to walking your dog in the winter.

There is always debate as to whether you should take your dog out in hot weather and if you unsure about this you can read our post on walking your dog in the summer. Dog walking boots can offer a high degree of protection on hot pavements, however i would still not suggest walking your dog on hot pavements as many dog booties will heat up soon providing little protection.

Paw Protection For Dogs

A dogs paws are one of its biggest tools and as highlighted above they are tough. However if you want to give them a little more protection or to have your dog last a bit longer on his hike then dog boots are a good way to go. Other forms of protection can help alleviate any issues surrounding the protection of a dogs paws. Using a certified dog paw wax can help to stop snow and ice sticking to their paws which can cause extreme discomfort. As well as this waxes tend to help prevent a dogs paws drying out in hot weather and becoming cracked. Of course this does not mean your dog is now able to walk on burning hot pavement or spend hours treading through deep snow but reduces the risk of paws becoming damaged. Our favourite protective paw wax is Musher Secret it has an incredible reputation and even if you plan on buying dog boots, having some of this can come in handy. Check it out on Amazon – Click Here

Dog boots are going to come in different standards of quality, design and be made for different levels of weather or surface. This is our list of some dog boots which we think are the best dog boots for hiking. These choices are mainly focused around hiking in general, however we will specify if a particular boot is better in certain conditions.

Qumy Qumy Dog Boots

Highlights –

  • Waterproof
  • Reflective
  • Anti Slip Sole

These dog boots are our best all round choice as they tick many boxes people look for when choosing dog boots for hiking. These dog boots are water resistant, which comes from having a moulded rubber sole that is also anti slip keeping your dog safe whilst running. The reflective Velcro strip helps to not only see your dog in low light but also gives a secure fit to the boot. One point in particular that was noted customers is the way in which the boot fits and does not come off even when running. Have a look at the latest price on Amazon – Click Here

RoyalCare Dog Boots

Highlights –

  • Breathable
  • Light
  • Flexible

These dog boots have been chosen as they seem to be the best value for money, as they offer many things that the more expensive boots do but with a lower price tag. Again the anti slip sole gives a protective contact with the ground protecting your dog from the heat or any sharp objects on the ground. Although these dog boots are considered tough they also offer a fair amount of flexibility, this gives you a little more room for your dogs paws to sit. Customers did complain about difficulties putting the boots on. It is also good advice to measure you dogs feet yourself instead of using any guides provided. Put your dogs full weight on the paw to open it up fully and measure this size. Have a look at the latest price on Amazon – Click Here

Ruffwear Dog Boots for Cold Weather

Highlights –

  • Insulated
  • Pull up gator
  • Good traction on ice

Ruffwear is an established brand for outdoor dog walking gear and one which has a good reputation for quality. Although if you are looking to purchase a product with the quality that Ruffwear products have you may be paying a little more for it than other less well known brands. These dog hiking boots have been designed to protect your pooch from the cold weather and insulate there paws, whilst giving them the traction they need on slippery surfaces. In the winter time protect your dogs paws from chemicals, salt, ice and snow can been quite a challenge, so finding a good pair of quality hiking boots can be vital. Make sure you are measuring your dogs paws correctly as these boots don’t have as much flexibility in them than other, this being down to the protection they are able to give. Have a look at the latest price on Amazon – Click Here

Vibrant Fellow Dog Boots

Highlights –

  • Breathable
  • Good in hot weather
  • Easy to put on

If your planning on going hiking long distances then you will probably be needing a dog boot that is tougher and more solid in construction. However with toughness comes a lack of breath-ability and if you are planning on taking your dog onto hot surfaces it may be wise to have something that is breathable so your dogs paws don’t overheat. These boots give a good anti slip grip, although not as solid as some of the other dog hiking boots in this post these should give your dog good protection on hikes. Customers who bought this product commented on their dogs being able to walk on hot pavement, although i would not recommend making your dog walk on hot tarmac for too long. Have a look at the latest price on Amazon – Click Here

Ruffwear All Terrain Dogs Boots

Highlights –

  • All Terrain
  • Breathable
  • Tough
  • Anti Slip

Here we have another entry from Ruffwear. These boots are more expensive than the other Ruffwear boots and probably one of the most expensive dog boots you can buy. However, with many websites featuring them as the best dog boots you can buy they must have set a standard in doggy footwear. These boots are not for the average hike these are high performance boots that can withstand a great deal of activity, mainly used for dogs that run, bike or walk long distances on varying surfaces. The design is in the name “All Terrain”, these boots can be used everywhere with Ruffwear promising a high performance and comfort for you dog. Have a look at the latest price on Amazon – Click Here


So there you have it 5 of the best dog boots for hiking. In this post we have tried to include dog boots for every occasion and from different price perspectives. If your an experienced hiker and plan on having your dog with you a lot of the time then you may wish to pay more for a better quality product that can stand the test of time. Unfortunately its difficult to tell if your dog is going to be comfortable in dog boots so you may wish to purchase a cheaper pair first helping to see whether spending more on them is going to be worth it.

Dog boots are great for allowing you to exercise your dog when walking surfaces are hotter than usual or with chance of chemicals and salt during the winter. Any extended activity on rough surfaces can eventual start to effect your dogs paws and it may be a good idea to just have a spare pair of dog boots in your hiking pack to give your dog when they start to limp or slow down. What ever you decide to do have fun spending time outdoors with your dog. If you enjoyed this post check out some of our other posts on our website all about dog walking and getting out and about with your pooch.

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