6 Dogs With Big Ears

dogs with big ears

6 Dogs With Big Ears

When you look at a dogs features one of the most prominent parts that stick out are their ears. A dogs ears are not only useful but are one of the most popular features for people looking at getting a dog. Whether they are a small dog with big ears or just big with even bigger ears we wanted to take a look at some of those pooches that have exactly what people are looking for when wanting a dog with big ears. There are a fair few more than on this list but here’s our top 6 dogs with big ears.

Why Do Dogs Have Floppy Ears

Dogs have floppy ears because of cross-breeding and a generation of appearance changes by humans. The reasoning behind why a dog might have big floppy ears is somewhat unknown, however most researchers believe its to do with the centuries of cross-breeding that has occurred. Its pretty certain that the domesticated dog originated from the wolf, however due to humans wanting to hone in on particular traits that each dog has deformities started to creep in this is, explained in more detail Here.

It seems that from the majority of literature available, dogs ears have not only deformed as a result of lazy genetics but also adapted to the environment they are used in. As you will see from the dogs we have selected their ears help them to hunt, blocking out sounds and focusing scents to follow.

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are mostly recognisable for their large ears and droopy eyes, something that cartoonists have always loved. The Basset Hound is a pure hunting dog with an incredible sense of smell they have a large body and short legs. Not ideal for swimming but what they lack in physical ability they make up for in tracking and an independence to hunt on their own. The Basset hound is regarded as being french and once encapsulated by the french aristocracy. They have a laid back personality making them ideal for someone without the ability to walk long distances. To learn more about this breed here’s some extra information on them.

dogs with big ears

Cocker Spaniel

An absolute favourite of mine and a dog that is perfectly bred for the outdoors. Cocker Spaniels are incredibly intelligent dogs with an unbelievable amount of energy. They are of course a hunting dog with a good amount of speed and agility. If their is water about they will certainly find it, which unfortunately makes them prone to ear infections as they find it difficult to dry them. The two types of Cocker Spaniel are the American and the English, with the English Cocker Spaniel retaining many of its historic hunting traits. To learn more about this breed here’s some extra information on them.

dogs with big ears


With a close relation to the fox hound Beagles have a tendency to be very nose down constantly sniffing and tracking smells. Their ears tend to be rounded at the ends with a wider than average area, its also interesting to note that a Beagles ears should stretch to their nose. Beagles were also used to catch foxes however more commonly they are now adorable household pets. If you are thinking of getting a Beagle they are great fun with beautiful personalities, however they can tend to be quite vocal, and disappear when they catch a scent. To learn more about this breed here’s some extra information on them.

dogs with big ears


Poodles are considered to be one of, if not the most intelligent dog on the planet. Most people don’t realise how clever they actually are due to them being more associated with fashion than intelligence. Due to their fashionable appearance they have historically been owned by the aristocracy and although their origins are unknown they were popular in France. Poodles have a curly coat and should only be found to have solid colours, they can also be highly distinguishable by their long wide ears. To learn more about this breed here’s some extra information on them.

dogs with big ears

Afghan Hound

A native to the mountains of Afghanistan this pooch has a stunning long coat. This long and quite unique coat protects them from the harsh weather they would experience in the Afghan mountains. If you were to own an Afghan Hound you would find that they have beautiful personalities but with a very solitary edge. They are not attention seeking dogs which comes from their native environment, roaming around and hunting alone,. This particular breed has big long ears but watch out as their beautiful coat can be very high maintenance. To learn more about this breed here’s some extra information on them.

dogs with big ears


As you probably already know the Bloodhound has an incredible sense of smell, this has made them famous throughout the world. The have mostly been used to track anything from animals to people across vast distances and still to this day their nose is used in many security scenarios. Again this is another dog with particularly big ears and incredibly they are not just used for hearing. To help with a Bloodhounds incredible sense of smell their ears drag along the floor kicking up all those scents making it easier to track. This trick with their ears also relates to our other super sniffer the Basset Hound. To learn more about this breed here’s some extra information on them.

dogs with big ears

Coonhound (BlueTick Type)

This dog is related to the English Foxhound and just like its relative, this pooch has the all round ability to be a hunter. The Coonhound is fast with a great sense of smell making them a formidable opponent in a chase. Another feature that attracted hunters to this dog is its extremely loud bark, being very vocal and able to grab their attention from a distance. The Coonhounds ears are long and because of its size they grab your attention instantly. To learn more about this breed here’s some extra information on them.

dogs with big ears


Papillon translates as butterfly in French and its easy to see why this particular breed got its name. Although not the biggest ears we have on our list of dogs with big ears but certainly the most prominent. This dogs ears radiate outwards just like a butterflies wings and they have been recognised by kings and queens over the generations. This pooch is perfect for those wanting a companion to sit with them on rainy days. They do have a fair amount of energy but will be quite content sitting on their owners lap watching the world go by. Their coat is gracefully long and will require some high maintenance to keep in tip top condition. To learn more about this breed here’s some extra information on them.

dogs with big ears

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Dogs Ears

Your dogs ears are one of its most important features and they rely on them everyday. Ear infections can be extremely painful as humans also know, so why would you increase the chance of your dog getting one by not cleaning their ears. For dogs with large floppy ears or those that are in and out of the water, it is extremely important to regularly clean your dogs ears or at least check them thoroughly. If you have a large dog you may want to clean their ears on the floor and get some help as its not easy to keep them still.

Cleaning your dogs ears keeps your dog hearing clearly and not uncomfortable. Remember its not just wax build up that can get stuck in your dogs ears, its mud or sticks or anything else your dog has been rolling in. As well as dirt, checking your dogs ears for creepy crawly’s is good in particularly ear mites, they cant be seen by the human eye and generally appear as small specks living within the wax. If you have trouble cleaning your dog after a walk check out our post on cleaning your dog after a walk.


So there you have it 6 of the best dogs with big ears and certainly some perfect companions to care for. Its easy to pick your next dog from their appearance but we must not forget what other characteristics they have going for them and whether they are the perfect match for you and your home. If you enjoyed this post please check out our other post on our website.



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